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Ansys Gateway
powered by AWS

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Remove your hardware barrier with Amazon Web Services

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is the solution for developers, designers, and engineers who want to manage their complete Ansys Simulation & CAD/CAE developments in the cloud. Access cloud computing resources from anywhere on virtually any device via your web browser. You can create, customize, and connect cloud applications with minimal technical skills.  Simply install your 3rd party applications alongside Ansys applications.

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Accelerate innovation by removing on-premises hardware barrier for High Performance Computing (HPC) using the power of AWS cloud.


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Leverage Ansys expertise in configuration and deployment of Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) and High Performance Computing (HPC).


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Manage & control your CAD/CAE cloud consumption and costs directly within your AWS subscription.

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS - Cloud Engineering Workspace

Ansys develops everything from software to cloud interface so we can ensure customers a fully optimized package for AWS hardware that’s ready to use. Setting up an HPC Cloud configuration is tedious and time-consuming, but Ansys takes care of this workload to ensure a simple and efficient experience.

Access to state-of-the-art computing with unlimited capacity thanks to Ansys Gateway powered by AWS.

Access to state-of-the-art Compute & practically unlimited hardware and compute capacity.

Run your Ansys applications & CAE/CAD applications on the cloud seamlessly. Access non-cloud enabled engineering and simulation applications quickly.

Collaborate with team members on resource-intensive projects. Easily create and scale-up interactive (VDI) sessions and HPC clusters on-demand, with no IT expertise.

via AWS Marketplace . Bring your own Ansys and other software application licenses (BYOL).

Manage Access and control data in your own AWS cloud.

Quick Specs

Getting started with cloud simulation using Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is easy.

  • Pre-configured Ansys applications available for easy deployment
  • Leverage our expertise in packaging and configuring VDI and HPC Clusters
  • Leverage any existing Ansys Licensing
  • VM charges based on your negotiated agreement with AWS
  • Small uplift for using Gateway to manage and deploy
  • Approved and benchmarked deployment specification for quick deployment on AWS hardware
  • Install 3rd party and in-house tools for end-to-end CAD/CAE workflows

  • Store VM configuration for easy, on-demand deployment by end users
  • Manage access to workspaces, VMs, and budgets through a single platform



"Recently we made the decision to supplement our cluster with Ansys Gateway, powered by AWS. The ETNZ team is able to scale up on-demand to many times the simulation throughput when using Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, when compared to their internal cluster".

Steve Collie

Aerodynamics Coordinator

Emirates Team New Zealand

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Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

With Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, customers can access Ansys applications, enabling faster, more flexible, and highly-scalable engineering simulations. In addition to reducing time to market, customers can reduce costs by paying for cloud resources only when they are being used. Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is available in the AWS Marketplace, providing easy, flexible, scalable access to Ansys applications via a web browser for customers anywhere with an internet connection. Customers can easily create, customize, and connect Ansys software with 3rd party applications using minimal technical skills via a user-friendly interface. Customers maintain full control of their data throughout all projects.

Key Features

  • Flexible
  • Easy to Use
  • Optimized
  • Automated

Install and configure new simulation applications at the touch of a button. Bring your license (BYOL) and your AWS enrollment (BYOE). Choose from recommended state-of-the-art cloud hardware (Virtual Machine) configurations in your AWS subscription for Ansys applications. Save money by using cloud resources only when needed.

Securely connect to your virtual machines (VMs); resize and reconfigure your VMs with a few clicks. Easily manage your complex cloud HPC environments and collaborate with your team on resource-intensive projects. Create new, extensive cloud environments in a few minutes. Connect a network drive to upload and download data to the cloud. Receive detailed reports with clear insights on your cloud consumption. Start and monitor complex engineering and simulation environments using an intuitive interface.

Utilize optimized configurations for graphic-intensive workloads. Ansys Gateway powered by AWS recommends hardware resources based on your Ansys workloads. Increase or decrease the hardware allocated to the VMs with just one click. Shut down hardware resources when not being used to control unwanted consumption.

Automated onboarding, simple provisioning, and configuration of Windows and Linux Virtual Machines by getting access to the latest computing infrastructure with AWS, maximize the value of your licenses, and reduce simulation cycle time by enabling more simulations.

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Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

Ansys announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). The collaboration will enable deployment of Ansys products on AWS — making simulation workloads more user-friendly, while offering scalability and flexibility with easy access to software and storage solutions from anywhere with a web browser.

How to Transform Cloud-Based Engineering Simulations with Ansys & AWS

In this webcast you will learn: the top challenges that simulation engineers face during their journey, the opportunities brought by the cloud that allow engineers to get more value from their simulations, and how Ansys brings some innovative solutions through the cloud, with a scalable and cost-effective approach.



Ansys Gateway powered by AWS - Datasheet

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is the solution for developers, designers, and engineers who want to manage their complete CAD & CAE workflow in the cloud.


Ansys Gateway powered by AWS - Infographic

Download our infographic and discover why Switching to Cloud is Important for your Business


PRADA ACWS - Christmas Race 2020

A New Cloud Is on the Horizon: Introducing Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS has already been proven to deliver increased flexibility and scalability — and now it’s available to every organization.


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