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Avionics & Flight Control Systems

Develop safe avionics and flight control systems


Safe, Reliable Avionics

Avionics in an aircraft can include engine controls, flight control systems, cockpit display systems and other safety-critical systems. Safe and secure avionics are critical in ensuring the reliable operation of aircraft for both defense and civilian aerospace. Engineers developing these systems need to navigate several challenges, such as a growing number of software components, a large volume of data exchanged between components and numerous communication protocols.

Ansys offers a model-based approach for driving the analysis, development, and certification of avionics software. Our solution provides key safety analysis methods and embedded software development tools to efficiently ensure functional safety, mitigate cybersecurity threats and develop certified embedded software. With seamless traceability and transitions between safety analysis and design models, engineers can efficiently integrate certification and safety requirements, reduce development costs and accelerate time to market.

  • Use model-based embedded software development and automatic code generation
    Use model-based embedded software development and automatic code generation
  • Comply with standards; ARINC 661, DO-178C, and FACE™ Technical Standard
    Comply with standards; ARINC 661, DO-178C, and FACE™ Technical Standard
  • Design secure, system-level architecture that is impervious to cyberattacks
    Design secure, system-level architecture that is impervious to cyberattacks
  • Streamline and automate functional safety analysis
    Streamline and automate functional safety analysis
Ansys Avionics

Deliver Safe and Secure Avionics, Faster

Deliver Safe Fast Avionics

50% Reduction of Development Costs, on Average

From the architecture and design of embedded controls, mission systems and human machine interfaces, Ansys offers a model-based environment for designing and verifying software at the earliest stages of development – so safety is built in. Engineers can improve confidence in the final code through certified code generation and reduce costs by removing costly verification activities at code level.

2X Accelerated Development of Mission and Safety-critical Software

2X accelerated development of mission and safety-critical software. Development time can be greatly reduced, while adhering to ARINC 661, DO-178C up to Level A and the FACE TM Technical Standard, with Ansys’ model-based software development and automatic qualified code generation. Ansys enables reliable, interoperable, and portable software, driving rapid integration and reusability across aircraft platforms.

Up to 50% Reduction in Functional Safety Analysis Efforts

Ansys streamlines the application of quality, safety and reliability engineering methods at system, component, hardware and PCB levels in a model-based environment. Engineers can increase productivity and reduce inconsistencies to deliver safe products that comply with standards like ARP4761 and MIL-STD-882E.

Lower Risk of Damaging Cyberattacks

By identifying every possible means of cyberattack — and estimating both their impact and their feasibility — Ansys protects against damaging cyber threats. This model-based, integrated tool provides end-to-end traceability, along with powerful collaboration, task management and reporting capabilities.

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Avionics and Flight Control Systems Development

Drive the Analysis, Development and Certification of Avionics

Explore how Ansys can efficiently integrate certification and safety requirements, reduce development costs and accelerate time to market.

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Ansys cockpit

Optimizing the cockpit of the future means the highest commitment to control and safety — while meeting tight development deadlines and profitability targets

New capabilities in engineering simulation, combined with virtual reality technology, make it possible to model today’s highly complex cockpit environment in a cost-effective, risk-free virtual space.

Ansys Article scade-architect

A model-based approach to reduce development time and accelerate certification — integrating new functionality at a much lower cost

Ansys’ fully integrated solution streamlines the development effort of embedded control/display/HMI applications aligned to the FACE TM Technical Standard and compliant to the ARINC 661 standard.

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Model-based safety analysis ensures that complex systems incorporating software and electronics together will reliably deliver consistent performance over time

Building safety and cybersecurity assessments on system model information for safety and security analysis is key to increasing productivity, eliminating failures that may lead to incidents or vulnerabilities to cyberattacks, and reducing inconsistent analysis results .


Ansys supports an efficient process for designing and verifying control systems that meet the highest levels of safety

By using Ansys embedded software development tools for the control code in motors, engineers can have the utmost confidence that qualification efforts will be streamlined.

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Ansys Webinar
Accelerating the Aerospace & Defense Digital Transformation with FACE and ARINC 661 Avionics Standards

Learn how model-based development tools for high-reliability embedded control, display and human-machine interface applications enable you to support efficient embedded software development in accordance with DO-178C requirements, FACE and ARINC 661.

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Ansys Webinar
Enhancing Safety and Security for A&D Systems

This webinar showcases how Ansys medini analyze helps engineers streamline the application of safety, reliability and cybersecurity engineering methods at system, item and PCB levels in a model-based environment.

On Demand webinar
Ansys Webinar
Better Design for Supersonic Business Jets

Learn how Ansys is helping the A&D industry prepare a new chapter in supersonic commercial aircraft design.

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