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Software Solutions for PCB Design and Simulation

Ansys offers a complete, most powerful, accurate and scalable simulation solution for printed circuit boards (PCBs), integrated circuits (ICs), and IC Packages for accurate evaluation of an entire system.


PCB Board Modeling and Simulation

Printed circuit boards (PCBs), ICs and IC packages are used in almost all electronic products across all industries: automotive, A&D, consumer electronics, healthcare and energy. With electronics getting smaller, engineers need to design boards that are smaller than ever and incorporate all the required features. Accurate modeling and simulation of these components are key to reliable end products.

  • SI, PI and EMI Analysis
    SI, PI and EMI Analysis
  • Electrothermal Analysis
    Electrothermal Analysis
  • Shock and Vibration Analysis
    Shock and Vibration Analysis
  • Reliability Prediction
    Reliability Prediction
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Comprehensive PCB, IC and IC package solutions

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Signal and Power Integrity

Ansys signal integrity (SI) analysis products are essential for designing the high-speed serial channels, parallel buses and complete power delivery systems found in modern high-speed electronic devices. These integrated electromagnetics (EM) and circuit simulation tools predict EMI/EMC, power integrity and SI issues, resulting in optimized system performance prior to the build-and-test process.

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Thermal Mechanical Stresses

The potential for failure in electronic systems due to thermal and mechanical loading of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is escalating due to steadily increasing power dissipation, combined with smaller board sizes. Learn how to prevent PCB failures due to thermal and mechanical stresses.

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Electromagnetic Interference

It is not uncommon to have a design fail in the field due to signal integrity issues, even though simulation shows it should work perfectly, because the as-manufactured product differs from the design definition. To avoid this problem, the signal integrity engineer needs to understand what will be delivered and use simulation to verify that the frequency- and time-domain performance will meet the design requirements.

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Electronics Reliability

Ensuring electronics reliability is a multi-pronged effort, involving selection, optimization and design rules. But, at the end of the day, almost every organization needs a reliability prediction. How long before the product fails and how will it fail?

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Ansys HFSS resource webinar
Practical Ports for Perfect Performance

This webinar spotlights the theoretical basis of various port types and how to use them in real designs to deliver maximum accuracy.

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Ansys 2020 R2 webinar
Ansys 2020 R2: Advancements in Ansys Slwave

This webinar delivers a deep dive into Ansys SIwave’s many significant advancements offered in Ansys 2020 R2.

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HFSS resource webinar
Electrical and Thermal Reliability Analysis of PCB with Ansys SIwave, Icepak, Mechanical and Sherlock

In this webinar, learn how Ansys SIwave, Ansys Icepak, Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Sherlock can be used as a comprehensive multi-physics solution to optimize PCB reliability.


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